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CyberGISX content includes geospatial codes, workflows with comments, and visualizations providing a solid foundation for conducting computationally reproducible research and education.

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Intro to the GDELT

Posted by Wei Hu on Wednesday September 13, 2023

Author(s): Wei

In this notebook, we will go through how to use Google BigQuery to access the GDELT project data, and some simple usage ...

Final Project: Traffic Crash Analysis

Posted by Haley Anne on Wednesday August 9, 2023

Author(s): Haley Ventura

Final project for GGIS 407 Summer 2023 on traffic crashes and speed cameras in Chicago, ...

Intergrate OpenAI API for Python Programming

Posted by Wei Hu on Wednesday August 2, 2023

Author(s): Wei

This notebook provides step-by-step instructions and practical examples to integrate the OpenAI API into JupyterLab using the Chapyter tool ...

Project: Renewable Energy Economic Viability in the Contiguous 48 States

Posted by David Levi on Friday July 28, 2023

Author(s): David Jantz

This project seeks to understand how multiple factors in different locations combine to influence the economic outlook of renewable energy projects in those areas It focuses on solar and wind It ...

Introducing the Python 3-0.9.4 Kernel on CyberGISX

Posted by Alexander Michels on Tuesday July 25, 2023

Author(s): Alexander Michels

This is a short notebook introducing the new Python 3-094 kernel on CyberGISX with information on the new kernels and a reminder to save your current notebooks with the previous Python 3-090 ...

Introduction to Osmosis and OSMFilter

Posted by Alexander Michels on Wednesday July 19, 2023

Author(s): Alex Michels

This is a simple notebook walking through the usage of osmosis and OSMFilter for working with OpenStreetMap data We also employ OSMNX for loading and ...

Geospatial Knowledge Hypercube

Posted by Zhaonan Wang on Wednesday July 19, 2023

Author(s): Zhaonan Wang

Today a tremendous amount of geospatial knowledge is hidden in massive volumes of text data (eg, news reports, research papers, and social media) To facilitate flexible and powerful geospatial ...

Spatial Relationships between Wastewater Treatment Plants and Oil Refineries across the Conterminous US

Posted by Jianan Feng on Saturday July 15, 2023

Author(s): Jianan Feng

This notebook is developed for GGIS 407 SU ...

ACES Workshop 2023: CyberGIS-Compute

Posted by Alexander Michels on Tuesday July 11, 2023

Author(s): Alexander Michels

A repo for our CyberGIS-Compute tutorial at the ACES 2023 ...