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Correlation Between Neighborhood Per Capita Income and Brownfields Sites in Chicago, IL

Posted by Maddy Rapach on Friday October 13, 2023

Author(s): Maddy Rapach Lagowski

A folium map showing the Per Capita Income by neighborhood in Chicago, IL and sites registered as a Brownfield with the ...


Posted by Dian Jin on Friday October 13, 2023

Author(s): Dian Jin

This is a GGIS 407 final ...

Mapping the Estimated Poverty Rate of the United States, 2023

Posted by Wenjie Zhao on Friday October 13, 2023

Author(s): Wenjie Zhao

The 'Mapping the Estimated Poverty Rate of the United States, 2023' project aimed to analyze and visualize the poverty rate across states in the United States in 2023 Utilizing CyberGISX Notebook, ...

Go “Birding” with Google Street View? – A Virtual Field Survey of Sandhill Cranes and ...

Posted by ZJ Zhou on Thursday October 12, 2023

Author(s): ZJ Zhou

Geospatial Data Science Project - Part 3: This notebook documents the workflow for Google Street View 'Birding,' which encompasses processes such as sample retrieval, Google Street View metadata and ...

Course Project – Geospatial Analysis of Respiratory Illness and Air Quality Data in the United ...

Posted by Connor Welling on Thursday October 12, 2023

Author(s): Connor Welling

In this geospatial data analysis project, the primary goal was to explore the intricate connections between air quality, respiratory illness rates, and cigarette smoking prevalence across ...

Four Corners Watershed & Sub-watershed Boundaries & Major Tributaries

Posted by Audrey Wierda on Thursday October 12, 2023

Author(s): Audrey Wierda

Each notebook contains one Folium map of the Four Corners Region One notebook contains the boundaries of a local watershed and its sub-watersheds, specificaly HUC 8-14080105 The other notebook ...

I-GUIDE Forum 2023: CyberGIS-Compute Workshop

Posted by Alexander Michels on Tuesday October 3, 2023

Author(s): Alexander Michels, Furqan Baig, Taylor Ziegler, Zimo Xiao, Mit Kotak, Anand Padmanabhan, Zhiyu Li, and Shaowen Wang

This repository runs through three notebooks to provide hands-on experience with CyberGIS-Compute: (1) "1-Introipynb" which demonstrates a very simple "hello world" example, (2) ...

Intro to the GDELT

Posted by Wei Hu on Wednesday September 13, 2023

Author(s): Wei

In this notebook, we will go through how to use Google BigQuery to access the GDELT project data, and some simple usage ...

Final Project: Traffic Crash Analysis

Posted by Haley Anne on Wednesday August 9, 2023

Author(s): Haley Ventura

Final project for GGIS 407 Summer 2023 on traffic crashes and speed cameras in Chicago, ...