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Creating A Shapefile with ESRI ArcMap Instructions

This notebook contains instructions for how to create a shapefile These instructions are intended for those who have access to ESRI ArcMap Note: this notebook is intended to be run after working ...

Accessing UIUC AnyWare

This notebook contains instructions for how to access UIUC AnyWare, a UIUC remote desktop service These instructions are intended to support geographic work using ESRI ArcGIS software It will ...

How to Use iPython Widgets in A Jupyter Notebook

This notebook introduces iPython widgets and demonstrates simple ways to use them Note! The widgets do not display in the HTML Preview - open the notebook with CyberGISX to view the ...

Geographically Weighted Regression Demo Notebook

This notebook demonstrates how to preform Geographically Weighted Regression using the MGWR Python package using sample code included in Oshan et al 2019 MGWR: A Python Implementation of Multiscale ...

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