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Using spatial interpolation to determine transit demand and ridership in the New York Metropolitan Region

Posted by Siddhesh Kudale on Monday May 9, 2022

Author(s): Siddhesh R Kudale

In the usual transportation studies, planners and transportation engineers use station-to- station ridership data and demand to estimate travel behaviour patterns of commuters in public transit The ...

Leatherback Nest Loss Project GEOG 489

Posted by Eckert, Adam on Thursday April 28, 2022

Author(s): Adam Eckert, David Roegner, Montana Hernandez, Valerie Nelson

This project had two goals: 1) To determine whether Python could be used to calculate the number of leatherback (Dermochelys coriacea) sea turtle nests lost to tide-caused drowning each year, and 2) ...

GEOG 489 Final Project – Food Safety Analysis in Chicago

Posted by Erin Dowdy on Tuesday April 26, 2022

Author(s): Chang Liu, Nathan Seiler, Erin Dowdy

Food safety is a critical public health issue In urban areas like Chicago, Illinois, government oversight of institutions that serve food to the public is important to maintain the health of the ...

GEOG 489 – Emissions on the U.S. Electric Grid

Posted by Jenni Nugent on Tuesday April 26, 2022

Author(s): Guangyu Cai; Joe Franke; Amina Jackson;Jenni Nugent

The goal of this project was to look at greenhouse gas emissions embedded in transfers of electricity on the US electric grid and the relationship between power plant locations and ...


Posted by Jinwoo Park on Friday April 22, 2022

Author(s): Su Yeon Han, Chaeyeon Han, Chang Liu, Jinwoo Park, Nattapon Jaroenchai, Zhiyu Li, Shaowen Wang , Bita Fayaz Farkhad, Man-pui Sally Chan, Danielle Sass, Bo Li, Dolores Albarracin

CyberGIS-HIV is a Web-based GIS application that visualizes and predicts spatiotemporal patterns of HIV rates in US counties On the graphical user interface, users can run the model on the fly As an ...

National Park Group Project_GEOG489

Posted by Chang Cai on Thursday April 21, 2022

Author(s): Chang Cai, Eleanor Lynn Hollas, Jordan Victoria Parker, Piper Josephine Siblik

This project explores a newly available mobile dataset provided by SafeGragh to understand visitor use and the emergence of traffic congestion in the context of national parks and public recreation ...

Particle Swarm Optimization for Calibration in Spatially Explicit Agent-Based Modeling

Posted by Alexander Michels on Tuesday April 12, 2022

Author(s): Alexander Michels

The notebook is designed to teach you about Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) and how you can use it for parameter optimization Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) was first introduced in 1995 by James ...

Recent Advances in CyberGIS-Viz for Democratizing Access to Scalable Geovisualization

Posted by Jinwoo Park on Thursday March 17, 2022

Author(s): Su Yeon Han, Jinwoo Park, Chaeyeon Han, Furqan Baig, Chang Liu, and Shaowen Wang

Over the past few years, there has been a notable surge in the development and availability of Web-based online data visualization tools However, open-source JavaScript-based tools that support ...

Spatiotemporal Accessibility to EV charging stations

Posted by Jinwoo Park on Thursday March 17, 2022

Author(s): Jinwoo Park; Jeon-Young Kang, Daniel W. Goldberg, and Tracy A. Hammond

This dataset and code are presented to explain a manuscript entitled "Leveraging temporal changes of spatial accessibility measurements for better policy implications: a case study of electric ...