Recent Advances in CyberGIS-Viz for Democratizing Access to Scalable Geovisualization

Author(s): Su Yeon Han, Jinwoo Park, Chaeyeon Han, Furqan Baig, Chang Liu, and Shaowen Wang

Over the past few years, there has been a notable surge in the development and availability of Web-based online data visualization tools. However, open-source JavaScript-based tools that support coordinated and multiple views (CMV) remain limited in the field of geovisualization. CMV is a dynamic and interactive visual interface that integrates multiple data representations, including maps and charts. This allows users to explore complex spatial data from different perspectives and make informed decisions based on their findings. Therefore, CMV is a crucial aspect of geovisualization tools that facilitate effective geospatial analysis and decision-making. While traditional GIS software has CMV, they are mostly written in Java for offline desktop environments. This has resulted in a gap where traditionally developed CMV cannot be integrated into modern visualization environments that rely on JavaScript-based open-source libraries like D3, Plotly.js, and Leaflet. To address this issue, CyberGIS-Viz has been developed as an open-source JavaScript-based software tool for interactive geospatial visualization that supports CMV. CyberGIS-Viz integrates cyberGIS and online visualization capabilities into software modules that allow for visual analytics and knowledge discovery based on geospatial data. The tool includes features such as comparative visualization of spatiotemporal patterns through choropleth maps, dynamic cartographic mapping linked with charts, reproducible visual analytics through integration with CyberGIS-Jupyter, and multi-language support for Python and JavaScript.

Keywords: CyberGISX, Geovisualization, spatial access

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Jinwoo Park

University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

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    Good work! Thank you for sharing


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