Pysal Access Compute Example

Author(s): Alexander Michels, Taylor Ziegler, Zimo Xiao, Mit Kotak

The IntroToCyberGIS-Compute.ipynb notebook walks through the basics of CyberGIS-Compute: running models focused on spatial accessibility and exploring the anatomy of a CyberGIS-Compute job. We do this by running two spatial accessibility models: (1) an example analysis using data from the pysal/access package and (2) a model covering the state of Illinois which also calculates travel-times before calculating spatial accessibility. The later model is a real-world use-case which has been published here: You can also run the Chicago analysis in CyberGISX without using CyberGIS-Compute with the ChicagoAccess.ipynb Jupyter notebook. Lastly, the ContributingAModel.ipynb notebook provides a step-by-step guide for those hoping to contribute a CyberGIS-Compute job of their own.

Keywords: Chicago, cybergis-compute, spatial access, Spatial Accessibility

Posted by


Alexander Michels

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

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