Run Ensemble RHESSys models on HPC through CyberGIS Computing Service on CyberGIS-Jupyter for Water (CJW)

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RHESSys (Regional Hydro-Ecological Simulation System) is a GIS-based, terrestrial ecohydrologic modeling framework designed to simulate carbon, water and nutrient fluxes at the watershed scale. RHESSys models the temporal and spatial variability of ecosystem processes and interactions at a daily time step over multiple years by combining a set of physically based process models and a methodology for partitioning and parameterizing the landscape. Detailed model algorithms are available in Tague and Band (2004). This notebook demonstrates how to configure an ensemble RHESSys simulation with pyRHESSys, submit it to a supported HPC resource (XSEDE COMET or UIUC Virtual Roger) for execution through CyberGIS Computing Service, visualize model outputs with various tooks integrated in the CyberGIS-Jupyter for Water (CJW). The model used here is based off of a pre-built RHESSys model for the Coweeta Subbasin 18 (0.124 ??2 ), a subbasins in Coweeta watershed (16 ??2 ), from the Coweeta Long Term Ecological Research (LTER) Program. How to run the notebook: 1) Click on the OpenWith button in the upper-right corner; 2) Select "CyberGIS-Jupyter for Water"; 3) Open the notebook and follow instructions;

Keywords: CJW, cybergis-compute, HydroShare, RHESSys

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