Analyzing Geo-Text Data with NLP Tools

Author(s): Zhaonan Wang

In this lab, you will go through the data wrangling process with two types of geo-text data, with explicit geo-tags or implicit location mentions within text. - Explicit geo-text dataset: 2145 business located in Illinois side of St. Louis, derived from Yelp Academic Dataset. Each data record also comes with a user review, in plain text. Refer here for data format ( of utilized business and review data. Your task is to perform sentiment analysis on each review and map the polarity score onto a map. - Implicit geo-text dataset: news reports usually mention various locations, like countries, states, and even local toponyms (place names). In this notebook, you will play with a toy corpus containing three chunks of online news about some dam failure events. Your task to extract location mentions buried in the unstructured text.

Keywords: Geo-Text Data, Named Entity Recognition, Sentiment Analysis

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Zhaonan Wang

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

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