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Registration Step 2: Completing the CyberGISX Registration form

Continue from Registration Step 1: Authenticating with CILogon

Step 4 Filling the registration form

Notes about the Registration Form (seen below):

  • Your name, email, and organization will be prefilled using the information from the provider.
  • You may change your name and organization to reflect your identity.
  • You cannot change the email because it will be used as the user identifier.
  • You should select the role description that you feel best applies to you.

Step 5 Access your profile page

If your registration passes all internal criteria for auto-approval, you will be successfully logged in. (Your CyberGISX username will be shown on the right side of the top menu, as seen below).

If you are not auto-approved, the CyberGISX admins will be notified and will review your account registration as soon as possible. You will receive notification via email within 3 business days.


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