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Accessing Support

Finding resources for writing and debugging code

Many notebooks shared on CyberGISX assume some background experience using Python or with geospatial coding. Many general software tutorials can be found online by searching (it can help to include the name of the programming language in the search). Additionally, is a useful resource for debugging and general questions about code. For issues pertaining to specific libraries, be sure to check out specific documentation for the library itself.

Research collaboration opportunities

The CyberGIS Helpdesk may be able to help with certain research projects. To inquire, create a ticket using the problem report form!

Reporting a bug or suggesting a new feature

To report a bug, suggest a new feature of library, or provide other feedback, please create a ticket using the problem report form! You can use the feedback template within the description section of the form to clarify your feedback.

Reporting a Problem from the Notebook Window

You can use the “Bug Report” button in the Notebook Window to open the problem report feedback form.

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