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What is CyberGIS-Hub?

CyberGIS-Hub is a user-centric community portal for discovering and sharing cyberGIS notebooks and related digital resources to enable computational and data-intensive research and education. It provides one-stop access to the CyberGISX platform. Users can quickly “single sign-on” and start accessing the Hub and other services in CyberGISX using their existing institutional credentials. The discovery page on the Hub allows searching for cyberGIS notebooks of interest by different types of metadata. With a simple click on the “Open With” button, any notebook discovered on the Hub can be launched in CyberGIS-Jupyter for a live run. Users can reproduce others’ work and build their own research on top of existing notebooks in this integrated “Sharing & Computing” environment without downloading or installing anything locally. Once a new notebook is developed on CyberGIS-Jupyter, it can be registered on the Hub and shared with other users. In addition to notebooks, users can publish blogs to further disseminate research outcomes. The Hub also provides a publicly shareable professional profile page to highlight users’ contributions to the community. The Knowledge Base page on the Hub is a good place to learn and discover more advanced features CyberGISX provides.

Key Features

  • Use your institutional credentials: quickly log in and start using CyberGIS-Hub with your institutional credentials (powered by CILogon). Supported identity providers include more than 4,000 universities, research institutes, and academic organizations in the US and worldwide;
  • Discovery of cyberGIS-enabled notebooks: search and discover various geospatial notebooks created and shared by other users;
  • Run notebooks live to reproduce published work: any notebook discovered on CyberGIS-Hub can be executed live in the CyberGIS-Jupyter environment through a simple click on the “open with” button;
  • Share your notebooks and blogs: you can share your notebooks with others, and write up blogs to further disseminate your research;
  • Build a professional profile: take advantage of a publicly shareable, professional profile page that highlights the notebooks and blogs you have contributed;
  • Online knowledge base: regularly published and updated documents and tutorials allowing you to discover CyberGISX functionalities in a flexible and self-paced fashion.
  • Help CyberGISX improve: an online form is available to all users for bug reports, feature requests, and any questions/suggestions related to CyberGISX.


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