Joseph Holler

Middlebury College

Presentation: Working with Students to Reproduce COVID-19 Research to Establish the Credibility of Findings and Accelerate Policymaker Adoption

On October 19, 2020, Peter Kedron and Joseph Holler co-presented a workshop on reproducibility and replicability in the context of COVID-19 research in the geosciences. We introduce the concepts of reproducibility and replicability and their importance a self-correction mechanisms in the production of scientific knowledge. We illustrate why these self-corrective mechanisms are so important in the context of COVID-19 research, in which the pace of new research studies and publications is rapid and the need for research to inform public policy is acute. In this context, it is imperative to produce transparent and credible research both for informing public policy and for earning the public’s trust in the public health response.

View a YouTube capture of the presentation here:

Download a PDF of the slides here:



Joseph Holler

I am currently working on Reproducibility and Replicability in Human-Environment and Geographic Sciences with Dr. Peter Kedron. My research interests are in open geographic information science, vulnerability and adaptation to climate change and natural hazards, and teaching GIS.


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