Debayan Mandal

Texas A & M University

I am a PhD student in the Department of Geography at Texas A&M University, specializing in advancing multiscale disaster resilience through the innovative use of CyberGIS and geospatial digital twins. My current research interests include Digital Twins, CyberGIS, Disaster Resilience, Social and Physical vulnerability modelling, Watershed Modelling and Management. Through these I pursue a commitment to creating smart, resilient communities capable of navigating the complexities of modern environmental challenges. By merging geographic information science with civil engineering, my hope is to bring a new dimension of enhancing disaster preparedness and response, contributing to safer, more sustainable urban futures.

PRIME: A CyberGIS Platform for Resilience Inference Measurement and Enhancement

Resilience assessment and improvement have become increasingly important in today's world, where natural and man-made disasters are becoming more frequent and severe Cities, communities, and organizations are recognizing the need to prepare for and mitigate the impacts of disasters and disruptions, and there is a growing body of research and practice on resilience assessment and improvement One significant research gap in this area is the lack of a customizable platform for resilience assessment and improvement While there are many tools and ...