Version 0.9.3 (April 2023)

Introducing CyberGISX 0.9.3

Introducing CyberGISX 0.9.3

We are pleased to announce the release version 0.9.3 of CyberGISX. CyberGISX ( is an open online platform that provides streamlined and user-friendly access to advanced cyberinfrastructure and cyberGIS capabilities with an integrated software stack for computationally reproducible, data-intensive, and high-performance geospatial analytics. Users can register for free CyberGISX accounts using their institutional credentials to access the CyberGISX platform.

CyberGISX has been developed by a team led by Dr. Shaowen Wang within the CyberGIS Center for Advanced Digital and Spatial Studies (CyberGIS Center) & CyberInfrastructure and Geospatial Information Laboratory (CIGI Lab) at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign.

CyberGISX is built on more than a decade of leading-edge research on cyberGIS supported in part by several U.S. federal agencies such as the National Science Foundation. It has been used in a variety of geospatial-related domains such as agriculture, geography and spatial sciences, hydrology and water resources, and public health. Users from more than 4,000 universities, research institutes, and academic organizations in the US and worldwide can quickly register and start using CyberGISX with their institutional credentials.

The release of CyberGISX 0.9.3 includes the following updates for three of its key components.

Key New Features

  • CyberGIS-Hub
    • Incorporated a new feature of collecting statistics of view counts and likes for notebooks and blogs, and added a ‘like’ button for recording user feedback and displaying these statistics on the discovery page

    • Updated notebook and blog layout to include the profile image of the owner

    •  Added a new “featured creator” section on the homepage of the platform


  • CyberGIS-Jupyter
    • Bug fixes such as ipyleaflet not working with reproducible kernels. We found that the version of ipyleaflet in the kernels needs to exactly match the version in the container

How to report bugs or issues?

  • Option 1: Go to CyberGIS-Hub at –> Contact -> Problem Report.
  • Option 2: Click on the “Bug Report” button (upper right corner) in CyberGIS-Jupyter (will open the Problem Report page on CyberGIS-Hub as above).
  • Option 3: Email to