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CyberGISX content includes geospatial codes, workflows with comments, and visualizations providing a solid foundation for conducting computationally reproducible research and education.

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Array of Things – High-frequency Urban Sensors Analysis

Posted by Fangzheng Lyu on Monday June 26, 2023

Author(s): Fangzheng Lyu

This Jupyter notebook demonstrates the book chapter named Integrating CyberGIS and Urban Sensing for Reproducible Streaming Analytics, including showing the locations for AoT sensors and the ...

Brief Intro to Lmod on CyberGISX

Posted by Alexander Michels on Tuesday June 20, 2023

Author(s): Alexander Michels

This notebook is a very brief explanation of what Lmod is and how to use it on ...

Intro to Uber Movement Data

Posted by Alexander Michels on Thursday June 8, 2023

Author(s): Alex Michels and Jinwoo Park

This notebook provides a brief overview of Uber Movement Data, demonstrates how to obtain and work with it, and illustrates a few examples of how to utilize the data for geospatial ...

Transfer Learning for Semantics Image Segmentation

Posted by Nattapon Jaroenchai on Tuesday May 16, 2023

Author(s): Nattapon Jaroenchai

This tutorial focused on transfer learning for image segmentation using the Segmentation Models Library We explored the benefits of transfer learning and introduced the Segmentation Models Library, ...

The Most Recent Trend in Geospatial AI: The Good and the Bad

Posted by Admin CyberGISX on Monday March 20, 2023

Geospatial AI (Artificial Intelligence) is an emerging field that combines geospatial technology with AI to provide unique insights and solutions to complex problems In recent years, this technology ...

CyberGIS-Compute Workshop (AAG 2023)

Posted by Alexander Michels on Monday March 20, 2023

Author(s): Alexander Michels

Hands-on workshop introducing CyberGIS-Compute The materials cover running models in the SDK and developing your own simple models Developed and used for the AAG 2023 Symposium on Harnessing the ...

Daily changes in spatial accessibility to intensive care unit (ICU) beds and their relationship with ...

Posted by Jinwoo Park on Monday March 20, 2023

Author(s): Jinwoo Park, Alexander Michels, Fangzheng Lyu, Su Yeon Han, Shaowen Wang

During the COVID-19 pandemic, many patients could not receive timely healthcare services due to limited availability and access to healthcare resources and services Previous studies found that access ...

Getting Started with CyberGISX (AAG2023)

Posted by Jinwoo Park on Monday March 20, 2023

Author(s): Jinwoo Park

This notebook will walk you through some basic techniques for spatial analysis and visualization in the CyberGIS-Jupyter environment We will use CDC county-level Social Vulnerability Index (SVI) data ...

Geospatial analysis of clinical trial sites in the USA: Exploring Demographics and Vulnerabilities

Posted by Priyadarshini Satish on Friday March 10, 2023

Author(s): Priyadarshini Satish

In the medical and pharmaceutical industry, selection of sites for clinical trials is a critical task that involves analyzing proprietary information about demographics, geography, economy, and ...