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CyberGISX content includes geospatial codes, workflows with comments, and visualizations providing a solid foundation for conducting computationally reproducible research and education.

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Intro to CyberGISX (HDR 2023)

Posted by Alexander Michels on Friday October 13, 2023

Author(s): Alexander Michels, Anand Padmanabhan, Zhaonan Wang and Wei Hu

Notebook for the 2023 HDR Conference designed to introduce Jupyter and ...

Intergrate OpenAI API for Python Programming

Posted by Wei Hu on Wednesday August 2, 2023

Author(s): Wei

This notebook provides step-by-step instructions and practical examples to integrate the OpenAI API into JupyterLab using the Chapyter tool ...

Introducing the Python 3-0.9.4 Kernel on CyberGISX

Posted by Alexander Michels on Tuesday July 25, 2023

Author(s): Alexander Michels

This is a short notebook introducing the new Python 3-094 kernel on CyberGISX with information on the new kernels and a reminder to save your current notebooks with the previous Python 3-090 ...


Posted by on Thursday November 11, 2021

Author(s): Jinwoo Park, Daniel Goldberg

The accessibility and availability of intensive care unit (ICU) beds are particularly critical in the context of COVID-19 because they are closely related to the fatality rate of the disease As the ...

Introduction to Python Programming

Posted by Rebecca (Becky) Vandewalle on Monday February 1, 2021

Author(s): Rebecca Vandewalle

This is a brief introduction to the Python programming ...