Notebook Submission Instructions

Follow these steps to submit a notebook to CyberGISX!

Please read this section completely before submitting a notebook!

Offer help in various sections.!

Please note that this process is currently evolving and subject to change without warning.

1. Prepare materials for submission

We use GitHub to store notebook materials. Please store your notebook ipynb file and all needed materials in one GitHub repository. If your notebook requires a large data set, [contact us] to discuss making arrangements for shared data access.

Please only store materials needed to run your notebook in this repository. You will need the path to your repository (note that we will not support branches other than master at this time).

If you have several strongly related notebooks that are explicitly linked and share many of the same resources focus on a single problem, your repository may contain multiple ipynb files. If this is the case, you will need to designate one notebook file as the primary notebook for this submission. Table of contents. Please note that an HTML file will be created from the primary notebook file. This file will be displayed publicly on the CyberGISX page to allow for a preview of notebook contents. Other notebooks not explicityle displayed won’t have own pages.

Links – context. External webpage links within notebooks are allowed as long as they adhere to our (community standards) but these may cause difficulties if the linked content changes. Please make sure that any links within your notebook are not absolute links to local files as these will not work when not on your system. Explain more. Context.

A README file is required in the repository. This file should describe the notebook and additional content stored in the repository. Template??

2. Review and select a license

We will be sharing your notebook on CyberGISX platform. By uploading your notebook, you indicate that you are able to share the content contained within the notebook.

To facilitate this, we ask that you select a license for your work. Please select one of the following licenses to share your notebook under: LIST. More information about each of these licenses can be found HERE. We are unable to host notebooks that are not under one of these licenses at this time.

By posting this notebook User Agreement!!! Developer?

3. Navigate to [website link] – special page just for notebooks

We will highlight user-submitted Jupyter Notebooks on CyberGISX. You will start the submission process here.

4. Fill out the form with information about your notebook

You will need to provide a link to your GitHub repository, designate the primary notebook file, and provide metadata about the notebook.

You will need to accept the User Agreement terms to submit your notebook.

5. Notebook access by CyberGISX

When you submit your notebook, we will make a copy of the repository to use. Please note that changes made to your repository after you have submitted the notebook form will not be considered in the review process and will not be included in your final submission.

To make changes to your notebook, you will have to resubmit the submission form. Before submitting, please make sure your notebook is exactly set up the way you will want it to be displayed and both internal and external links are working as expected. Preview notebook page perhaps! – multiple submission problem? Person will know if updated- select from prior notebooks. – Separate process for update/edit tha

**** Issue if user opens it?

6. Internal notebook review

SCOPE?? Security issues? Allow users to run any code on jupyter enviornment, if this is case – do we need to make a copy? Keep github link? Simplify update process. If it breaks it breaks. Address – auto check notebooks. – Simple profanity. Process? Automatically check if it will run on cybergisx on juypyter enviornment – if it can do that it would be great! Similar to binder? we aren’t building anything. Continuous integration – Drew. If someone pushes update to github we run test, if passes stays, if fails remove public facing, send error to user. Fails with how many notebooks? – Which notebooks fail the test. 2-3 months.

Fellows manual check.

Author is responsible for content submitted, highleghted ones will be copied and specific review. Not all on GitHub account/manage.

Each submitted notebook will be reviewed by a member of our admin team to make sure that content included within adheres to our community standards [link to page].

At this stage, a notebook may be approved or sent back for revision. If the notebook needs revision, a notification email will be sent that contains the steps that need to be taken to revise the notebook. After the revisions have been made, you will need to fill the form again to resubmit the notebook.

7. View your uploaded notebook!

If your notebook has been approved, you will be able to find your notebooks [here link]. We may also highlight your notebook on the Community Notebooks page.