CyberGISX Release Notes

Version 0.4 (13 July 2020)

New Features

  • UI: CyberGISX User profile page feature (view, edit capabilities)
    • User can access and share their profile using the URL in the format of{github_id}
    • User profile show lists of blog posts and notebooks created by the user
    • User can edit their own profile information
  • UI: Blog post management
    • Users can view, edit and manage their own blog post
  • UI: Notebook management
    • Users can view, edit and manage their own notebook


In Progress

  • Support for R kernel (anticipated in Q4 2020 release)
  • CyberGIS Computing Service, job submission management service for HPC computation on CyberGISX using resources such as XSEDE or Virtual ROGER (anticipated in Q4 2020 release)



CyberGISX Spatial Libraries


Classes Library (current version) Description
Utility Library python (3.7.6) utility library data structures, operations for manipulating numerical tables and time series
conda (4.7.12) an open-source, cross-platform, language-agnostic package manager and environment management system
pandas (1.0.3) utility library data structures, operations for manipulating numerical tables and time series
numpy(1.18.1) collection of high-level mathematical functions, multi-dimensional arrays, matrices.
matplotlib (3.1.3) Plotting library and object-oriented API for embedding plots into applications using general-purpose GUI toolkits.
scipy (1.4.1) scientific computing for optimization, linear algebra, integration, interpolation.
scikit-learn(0.22.2) machine-learning library with various classification, regression and clustering algorithms including support vector machines, random forests, gradient boosting, k-means and DBSCAN.
scikit-imge(0.16.2) a collection of algorithms for image processing under python
pillow (7.0.0) Python Imaging Library
dask(2.11.0) Scalable analytics in Python
xarray(0.15.1) bring the labeled data power of pandas to the physical sciences
IPython(7.13.0) Interactive python
Data processing gdal(3.0.4) geospatial data abstraction library for reading and writing raster and vector geospatial data formats. (python 3 should point to the configuration path)
fiona(1.8.13) Reading and writing spatial data (alternative for geopandas)
shapely(1.7.0) Python package for manipulation and analysis of planar geometric objects (based on widely deployed GEOS).
proj(6.3.1) library for cartographic projections and coordinate transformations
pyproj(2.6.0) library for cartographic projections and coordinate transformations
rasterio(1.0.25) Reading and writing raster data
geopy(1.21.0) geocoding library
geojson(2.5.0) Python bindings and utilities for GeoJSON
lidar (0.5.0) Reading and writing point cloud library
sqlalchemy(1.3.16) Database library for data management (SQlite)
shapefile(2.1.0) Reading ESRI Shape file library
pykrige (1.5.0) Kriging toolkit for python version
pykdtree(1.3.1) KDtree index
tqdm(4.45.0) A fast, extensible progress bar for python and cli
geotiff(1.5.1) Reading, processing and writing geotiff files
rtree(0.9.4) Spatial index for spatial data
sqlite(3.20.1) SQlite database
pyspark(2.4.4) Spark library
geospark(0.4.3) Geospatial analysis library over pyspark
postgresql(12.2) PostgreSQL Database
Spatial Analysis pysal(2.1.0) Spatial analysis library

libpysal (4.2.2)

Spatial operations, spatial index
scipy.spatial(1.4.1) Spatial algorithms and data structures
osmnx(0.11.4) network analysis library (based on gdal, networkx)
statsmodels(0.11.1) Python module that provides classes and functions for the estimation of conducting statistical tests, and statistical data exploration
networkx(2.4) graph theory library and network analysis
owslib(0.19.2) Accessing OGC services
networkit (6.1) An open-source toolkit for large-scale network analysis.
python-igraph(0.8.2) Graph analysis library
PuLP(2.1) An open-source linear programming toolkit
ortools(7.5.7466) Google operations research library (spatial optimization)
osmnet(0.1.5) Tools for the extraction of OpenStreetMap street network data
urbanaccess (0.2.0) A tool for GTFS transit and OSM pedestrian network accessibility analysis
pandana(0.4.4) Pandas network analysis for efficient data frames of network queries
Geovisual analysis datashader(0.10.0) large scale datasets visual library and mapping library
holoviews(1.13.2) Plotting library
geoviews(1.7.0) visualize geographical, meteorological, and oceanographic datasets, such as those used in weather, climate, and remote sensing research (based on holoviews).
cartopy(0.17.0) Cartographics
mapclassify(2.2.0) Convert Matplotlib plots into Leaflet web maps
mplleaflet(0.0.5) a Python library that converts a matplotlib plot into a webpage containing a pannable, zoomable Leaflet map.
descartes(1.1.0) Mapping library
bokeh(1.4.0) Open source library for scientific computing and visualization
seaborn(0.10.0) statistical data visualization library
plotly(4.6.1) Scientifically visual library
basemap(1.3.0) Creating maps (with high images supported, install gdal first for python3)
Spatial Simulation Mesa (0.8.6) agent-based modeling (or ABM) framework (pip install mesa)
urbanism(3.1.1) Python platform for modeling urban land use
Geospatial Applications cybergis (0.1) A package of tools that assists the submission of jobs to high-performance computing resources supported by the CyberGIS ecosystem


arcgis(1.8.0.post1) ArcGIS python library
Qgis (3.12.1) QGIS toolkit
postgis(3.0.1) PostGIS toolkit