WhereCOVID-19 notebooks map multi-scale spread of COVID-19 and assess related impacts by integrating diverse geospatial data, analysis, and modeling capabilities based on CyberGIS-Jupyter,
an innovative cyberGIS framework for conducting data-intensive, reproducible, and scalable geospatial analytics using Jupyter Notebooks as the primary user environment.

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Spatial Correlation Analytics Between Population and COVID-19 Confirmed Cases in New York State

Posted by Admin CyberGISX on Tuesday March 31, 2020

This jupyter notebook demonstrates spatial correlation analytics between population and CVOID-19 Confirmed cases in New York State We are using New York State, the US as our study area And this ...

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Story Map on COVID-19 Research
Story Map on COVID-19 Research

I have designed a story map summarizing the key findings of my GSF project that is concerned with ...

COVID-19 Incidence and Mortality maps

For my GSF project, I will be conducting a county-level assessment of COVID-19 in relation to age ...