Run SUMMA models with CAMELS dataset on CyberGIS-Jupyter for Water (CJW)

CAMELS (Catchment Attributes and Meteorology for Large-sample Studies) is a large-sample hydrometeorological dataset that provides catchment attributes, forcings and GIS data for 671 small- to medium-sized basins across the CONUS (continental United States). HydroShare hosts a copy of CAMELS and exposes it through different public data access protocols (WMS, WFS and OPeNDAP) for easy visualization, retrieval and subsetting of the dataset in community modeling research. This notebook demonstrates how to set up SUMMA models with CAMELS dataset from HydroShare using various tools integrated in the CyberGIS-Jupyter for Water (CJW) environment and execution of ensemble model runs on a High-Performance Computing (HPC) resource through CyberGIS-Compute Service.

Launch on CyberGIS-Jupyter for Water

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Launch on CyberGIS-Jupyter for Water


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