Reuse a published regional Landlab shallow landslide model to explore changes in forest cover at a subcatchment within the study area

You will explore how to reuse model code and data in a subregion within a larger region where the model was developed. Load data from a regional Landlab landslide model (Strauch et al., 2018) developed for the North Cascades National Park, WA USA, published on HydroShare; Define a geographic subset (Thunder Creek watershed) within the study region; Explore landslide probability sensitivity to fire by adjusting the cohesion parameter for Thunder Creek; Save results to a new HydroShare resource. The shallow landslide model you will is based on a spatially distributed Monte Carlo solution of the infinite slope stability model. Details of the model and the study site are described in Strauch et al. (2018). Please see the end of this Notebook for Acknowledgements and Citation information.

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